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Inspirational Website of the Week: Estúdios Victor Córdon

A beautiful design with an amazing background video animation on scroll. Our pick this week.

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Our top Core Web Vitals recommendations for 2023

The Chrome DevRel team has compiled a set of the most effective techniques for enhancing Core Web Vitals performance in 2023.

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Conditional CSS

Ahmad Shadeed goes over a few CSS features that we use every day, and shows how conditional they are.

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Why Not document.write()?

This article by Harry Roberts provides a comprehensive examination of the reasons why using the document.write() JavaScript method should be avoided.

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Data binding in React: how to work with forms in React

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to wire up all of the different form controls in React.

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Loops and Repetition

In the latest edition of Offscreen Canvas, Daniel Velasquez examines the technique of using sin/cosine for looping.

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3D in CSS

In this piece from Brad Woods’ Digital Garden collection, readers will learn the proper techniques for creating a 3D space and manipulating the translation and rotation of an element using CSS.

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Building an accessible theme picker with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Sarah L. Fossheim shows how to use HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript to add an accessible theme picker component to a website.

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Five typography trends set to make waves in 2023

A preview on this year’s trends for typography reaching from code and generative typography to type as a political tool.

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CSS color functions and custom properties

Manuel Matuzović delves into color functions and shows how powerful they are in combination with custom properties.

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André Simmert created this laser-focussed, privacy-first writing tool.

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Justify Space Between Individual Items in Flexbox

Jim Nielsen shows how use margin: auto to justify flex items in a flat hierarchy.

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Sibling Scopes in CSS, thanks to :has()

Bramus Van Damme shows how to leverage CSS :has() to select all siblings between to boundaries.

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Stylized Low Poly

Bruno Simon utilizes 3D Coat to create stunning, low poly “stylized” and “hand-painted” models reminiscent of the popular game World of Warcraft.

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How to Build Great HTML Form Controls

Austin Gil writes about things to consider when building HTML forms.

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Full dashboard layout

George Moller shows how to use CSS Grid to make a full dashboard layout in this thread.

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A really cool project implemented by Federico Valla. Read this interesting thread about it.

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From Our Blog

Getting Creative with Infinite Loop Scrolling

A quick look at how to recreate the infinite loop scrolling animation seen on Bureau DAM with GSAP and Lenis.

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From Our Blog

Replicating the Light Effect from MIDWAM with Three.js and Postprocessing

In this coding session, we’ll use Three.js and postprocessing to recreate the beautiful light effects featured on Midwam’s website.

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