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Collective #718

Inspirational Website of the Week: Varex

A beautiful, flowy design with lots of interesting interactions. Our pick this week.

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Releasing Color.js: A library that takes color seriously

Lea Verou shares her journey of creating Color.js, a fantastic library that does serious color work properly.

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Defensive CSS

An article that sheds light on why it’s important to design and write CSS defensively. By Ahmad Shadeed.

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Animated Page Transitions in Next.js

Learn how to use Framer Motion to animate route changes in your Next.js project.

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Single Element Loaders: The Bars

Temani Afif’s second article in a series about single element loaders.

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More than honey

A beautiful interactive story on the importance of bees for biodiversity. By Lio.

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A simple library for morphing between variations of SVG paths. Use svg-path-morph to smoothly morph between X variations of the same SVG path (i.e. same commands, different values).

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Exploding Particles

Michal Zalobny made this fantastic demo of a video exploding to WebGL particles. Read more about it in his tweet.

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Can we enterprise CSS grid?

Hui Jing Chen shares her thoughts on large scale implementations of CSS Grid.

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A fun little tool: SVG wave templates that shuffle on render.

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Home — Mario Carrillo

The amazing portfolio of Mario Carillo that lets you pan through his fantastic digital artwork.

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PRQL is a modern language for transforming data — a simple, powerful, pipelined SQL replacement.

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Style Queries

Una Kravets explores why and when style queries make sense to use.

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Are you sure that’s a number input?

Kilian Valkhof writes how not every input that contains numbers should have an input type number.

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My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow

Learn how a potent combination of MDX and MJML can help with building emails in this article by Josh W Comeau.

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Virtual Modules for Fun and Profit

Jonas Galvez shares his thoughts on Fastify DX.

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10 Years of Meteor

Sacha Greif shares his experience with a pioneering JavaScript framework.

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Masonry Layout with Tailwind CSS Columns

Graeme Fulton shows how to create a CSS based Masonry layout using CSS columns in Tailwind

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A complete guide to using CSS filters with SVGs

Learn about a unique and powerful set of CSS tools, SVG filters, to improve visual aspects of a website.

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Awesome Hacker Search Engines

A list of search engines useful during Penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, red team operations, bug bounty and more.

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Farewell to HTML5Rocks

Paul Kinlan on one decade of HTML5Rocks that served invaluable content to web devs.

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Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2022: What’s new?

Axel Rauschmayer explains what’s all new in ECMAScript 2022.

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From Our Blog

Inspirational Websites Roundup #39

Inspirational websites from the past couple of weeks that shine with a brilliant design.

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From Our Blog

Make Way Grid Effect

A little grid interaction effect where adjoining items make way to a selected one that expands.

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From Our Blog

Volumetric Light Rays with Three.js

A coding session where you’ll learn how to create volumetric light rays with fragment shaders in Three.js.

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From Our Blog

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #25

A fresh collection of the best and most creative animations from Dribbble from the past couple of weeks.

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